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About Clemmens Consult

Clemmens Consult BV, founded in 2005, creates added value for people and nature by human and nature friendly design of the outdoor space taking into account the present abiotic and biotic factors in general and the state of soil and groundwater at the location in particular.

In this way Clemmens Consult contributes to increasing the biodiversity and natural value of the outside environment simultaneously with the creation of a pleasant living and working environment.

Clemmens Consult provides advice and practical assistance for  the implementation.

Clemmens Consult also contributes to the search for resources, such as grants, to make your project possible.

Our recommendations are based on several principles:

■ permaculture: the design of a functional system  with the strength and resilience of an ecosystem

■ ecological terrain management (no use of pesticides or fertilizers)

■ minimal soil disturbance

■ maximum use of natural processes

■ low maintenance solutions


Mario Clemmens (MSc) is a geologist and  holder of a certificate of competence in forestry.

Clemmens Consult works together  with other experts, drilling companies, laboratories, … Our extensive network can be an important added value to your project.



Phytoremediation is the use of plants for the capture, removal, conversion and / or degradation of harmful substances in soils or (ground)water.

Plant-associated bacteria and mycorrhiza play an important role. Sometimes the role of the plant is limited to improve the growth conditions for these micro-organisms. (source:

Our years of experience in soil investigation and remediation combined with our knowledge of design and greenmanagement enables us to select and manage  the use of plants for the control or transformation of soil and groundwater contamination.

Clemmens Consult offers in this area following services:

■ feasibility study based on local conditions and literature data;

■ dimensioning of the phytoremediation project;

■ landscaping and terrain management;

■ monitoring.

Clemmens Consult provides advice for individuals, engineering companies, remediation experts, …

To carry out projects in the framework of the Soil Remediation Decree (Flanders, Belgium) we work together with a type II -remediation expert as chosen by the client.  The soil remediation expert processes the advice of Clemmens Consult  in the soil remediation project. Clemmens Consult acts as executor of the remediation.


Pesticide-free management

Mario Clemmens is Pesticide-free Management Advisor and provides, in coöperation with Inverde,  training in pesticide-free management of green and pavements.

You can contact Clemmens Consult for advice on pesticide-free management of green and pavements.  Clemmens Consult evaluates the existing or planned situation and provides a plan of action to prevent undesired plantgrowth.   In the planning stage of a project it can be usefull to take into account the future pesticide-free management.